Integral Tennis - "The Mission"

Imagine a training methodology that has its roots in the most comprehensive map of human growth and development. A methodology that combines the periodization and the training of tennis skills, the development of mental and spiritual balance of the athlete and the education of the parents


Life Skills Coaching for Athletes

Do you want to take your tennis performance to the next level?

Would you like to perform in your maximum intensity and still feel relaxed?


Parental Support

Would you like to support your child in the difficult journey of competitive sports?

Would you like to support your child to have a deeper and more meaningful experience in his/hers sport environment?


Coach and Club Support

“Coaches are responsible for developing the body, the mind and emotions of their students. They combine the attributes of a teacher, bio-technician, motivator, recruiter, organiser, trainer, counsellor, friend, role model. They teach laws of reality. They can help shape their students’ character and lives…Pick a teacher for yourself or your child with the same care you’d use to pick a surgeon. You wouldn’t want a mediocre surgeon to operate on you – even if he or she was nice, had offices near your house, or charged a few dollars less…”. (Body Mind Mastery, 1999. Dan Millman)


Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching? Life coaching exists in many forms. It can be found as Executive Coaching or as Self-development Coaching.


  Tennis through Life, Life through Sport  

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